Vacation trends for investors and why cruise stocks have been outperforming

Consumers have spent a great deal on leisure spending in 2023, with Carnivals (CCL) stocks seeing 60% gain over the last year. Some markets, however, have not seen the same success, like mountain resort company Vail Resorts (MTN) which is down more than 10% since last year. Paul Golding, Macquarie Capital Analyst, joins Yahoo Finance to give insight into how different businesses in leisure travel have been able to succeed during times of inflation and why certain ones have struggled.
Golding expounds on why cruises did so well: "Cruise has been benefiting, in our view, from some of these dynamics on later international re-flation and the value proposition that cruise represents versus land-based alternatives. We heard during the Q3 earnings call at RCL [Royal Caribbean Cruises] that they continue to see a 35-40% discount versus land-based, whereas pre-COVID that discount was about 10-15%. "
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Published: 2023-12-05