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1 HD Music TV

1HD Music Television is the first Russian music and entertainment TV channel created and broadcasting in Full HD format.

12 канал (Омск)

GTRK-Omsk - TV and radio company of the Omsk region; a holding company that unites TV (24-hour Channel 12), radio and its own news agency.


2x2 (Russian: Дважды два, English: "Twice Two") is a Russian television channel. Founded in 1989, it was the first commercial TV station in the Soviet Union (USSR).

360° Новости

360 ° News is a round-the-clock informational TV channel where viewers can follow the most significant events in the Moscow region, the country and the world around the clock.

360° Подмосковье

"360" is a new, bright and ambitious project. We cover the full spectrum of life in the Moscow region, from large-scale transformations to family stories of residents. We see more!

41 регион

43 канал Туапсе HD

Channel 43 is an exclusive round-the-clock broadcasting film channel!

47 канал

"PTK - 47 channel" - Perm TV channel. It began broadcasting on June 11, 2006. Broadcasts on the 47th television channel. Network partner - TV channel RU.TV.

6 ТВ (Хабаровск)

7 TV

7tv is a Russian entertainment television channel of an advertising nature. The channel positions itself as mystical.

7 канал Красноярск

78 (телеканал)

“78” is an all-Russian regional TV channel. Broadcasts to St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

86 канал (Сургут)

"S86" (officially: 86) is an information and entertainment channel in Surgut, whose philosophy is based on the unifying role of local television in the formation of a society of educated, active and cultured citizens.

9 Волна

9 Volna is the first all-Caucasian entertainment TV channel. The concept of the channel as a television space is the unity of numerous peoples living in the Caucasus.


"Amedia Hit" is a TV channel intended primarily for those series lovers who prefer to wait for the release of all episodes of the season or the entire series.

Amedia Premium

Animal Planet

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